TOCSIN 635 Gas Detection Control Panel

The TOCSIN 635 gas detection control panel is a small format, economical controller, for up to 1-8 or 1-32 detectors/devices. It is ideally suited for small to medium size applications. The system features IGD’s ground-breaking 2-Wire Addressable technology, for easy installations. In addition, the system features automatic 1-click  system setup, for faster and error-free commissioning. The system will automatically setup detector alarm levels and control panel outputs within a matter of minutes.

Simple, cost effective and reliable. gas detection control panel.


One, single 2-core cable with no required connection polarity connects all system devices. Auto find, Auto configure and Auto update, combined with our downloadable status reports are just some of the key features of the TOC-635 gas detection control panel. This gives you the peace of mind that you have the right gas detection system doing the right job. Protecting both your plant and personnel.

There are two format control panels available:

TOC-635-MICRO = 1-8 detectors

TOC-635-PLUS = 1-32 detectors

Illuminated Jog Wheel

Our TOC-635 Control panel features an illuminated jog wheel design. This allows you to see the full gas detection system status at a glance.

1-Click System Setup

The TOC-635 gas detection control panel utilises our industry first 1- click auto system setup. This means with a click of a button the system will automatically set up all alarms and connected devices. Reducing commissioning time and errors.

Clear Audible Visual Alarm

Our TOC-635 has onboard audible and visual alarms, with a 2×8 colour change display showing digital live gas readings. This means you can easily place the panel outside of the room to act as a room status indicator.

Flush or Rear Mounted

The panel already has a small format footprint however it can be easily flush or rear mounted. Providing both visual and ergonomic design allowing it to blend seamlessly into its surroundings.

Built-in Slam Switch

The TOCSIN 635 features a built in Slam Switch/E-Stop. This is designed so that it is an integrated part of the system. This means when the control panel is placed outside of the hazardous area there is no need to add an additional slam switch. Saving time, cost and less errors on commissioning.

Sentinel+ Addressable communication

The TOC-635 gas detection control panel utilises our groundbreaking Sentinel+ communication protocol. Which is packed full of features not seen on any other gas detection systems. The Sentinel +™ 2-Wire technology is an advanced digitally communicating gas detection system from IGD. The system provides fast efficient error-free performance specifically designed to meet the unique requirements posed by gas detection hazards. The system provides ultimate flexibility to link your gas detection system to provide alarms, interface to plant shut down hardware and communicate clearly to BMS and similar systems. 2 Core cabling for both power and communication with no polarity requirement means cabling is minimised, reducing system costs with no compromise.

Download the Datasheet (PDF)