TOC-750 Addressable Safe Area Gas Detector

750 safe area addressable gas detectors are the next generation gas detector. Utilising our ground-breaking Sentinel+™ communication, all detectors are connected on a single 2-Core cable for both power and communication. Our 750 safe area gas detectors have sensor options for over 400 gases and vapours, making it the most versatile sensor on the market.


The TOC-750 safe area addressable gas detector is a highly reliable and versatile safe area gas detector.

Utilising only a 2-core cable (daisy chained to other detectors and master control panel) for both power and communication, you have an installation cost saving of up to 70% compared to traditional gas detectors. Furthermore, you can easily upgrade existing systems and re-use the wiring, enabling you to quickly and effectively upgrade dated analogue systems, at a fraction of the cost.

Multiple I/O Points Per Detector

THe TOC-750 safe area addressable detectors have multiple input and output options on the actual sensor. This means one detector can control up to 7 other devices including but not limited to other gas detectors, slam switches, beacon sounders, gas supply valves, analogue devices (third party included), displays and much more. Thus, providing you with a versatile detector, reduced installation and cabling requirements and much-needed distributed control without the need for expensive I/O cards.

Unique Labyrinth Sensor Design

The moulded detector front incorporates an in built baffle/splash guard. This ensures the detector is protected by a labyrinth arrangement. Gas can migrate in but harmful dirt cannot. This extends detector life and ensures peak performance at all times. The moulding and final assembly also seal the detector compartment away from the terminal box and electronics compartment. This ensures corrosive gasses, moisture etc cannot penetrate where they could cause damage.

The moulded detector front can be fitted with pipe-in-pipe adaptors, pitot sample assemblies and calibration adaptors. The calibration adaptor is specifically designed to present gas in the same manner as happens in normal operation. This allows for traceable calibrations and checks to be performed, vital in any safety system.

Safe Area Detector ABS Design

ABS detectors are tough and do not corrode offering a high degree of chemical resistance as well. The 750 addressable safe area gas detector is rated for IP54. The detectors, electronics and sensor testing used in the 750 safe area addressable gas detectors are the exact same used in our ATEX variant. The only difference is the housing material, if you don’t require an ATEX rated detector than we don’t expect you to pay for one. Safe Area Gas Detector’s cover applications that are not zoned ATEX areas. What we do ensure is that the detection quality is identical, they are after all doing the same job. The housing is designed to wall mount with conduit knock outs pre-moulded. Alternately TOC-750 series addressable gas detector housing can mounted to Dado trunking or be flush wall mounted as they are a standard 2-gang mount

Replaceable Sensor Fronts & Auto Changeover

The 750 safe area addressable gas detector features replaceable sensor fronts. This means once the sensor becomes end of life you can easily replace the front side of the detector with a pre-calibrated one. Utilising simple, plug & play technology. Drastically reducing on going maintenance costs. Further to this, all our 750 addressable gas detectors feature AUTO changeover and AUTO detect features. This means you can easily change the gas type of the detector by swapping the fronts and the system will detect this change and set it up automatically. This is ideal for areas such as rented laboratories. Check the video to learn more.

Sentinel+ Addressable Communication

Using our Sentinel+ ™ 2-Wire protocol, the 750 series detectors communicate over the 2-Core power cable. This drastically reduces cabling costs (by as much as 70-80% compared to current systems on the market). And terminations; whilst improving reliability. Sentinel+™ protocol continuously monitors data between connected detectors and the system controller. Thus, ensuring maximum system integrity and availability. With only two wires for power and communication existing systems can be easily upgraded, using their original cabling, with the option to easily add more detectors and devices required.

Download the Datasheet (PDF)