750/650 Addressable Gas Detection System

Our TOCSIN 750 and 650 series addressable gas detection system is the best gas detection technology has to offer. Utilising our ground-breaking addressable technology, the systems provide features and benefits never before seen in the gas detection industry. With our Sentinel+ protocol coupled with our 2-Wire technology you could save between 70-80% compared to current gas detection systems on the market.


The TOCSIN 750 and 650 series addressable gas detection systems employ 3rd generation gas detection technology. Utilising our Sentinel+ communication protocol all sensors are connected to the system on a radial. The detector/nodes are daisy chained together using 2-Core cable. International Gas Detectors’ 2-Wire technology is the first of its kind and is not found anywhere else on the market.  Our addressable systems provide a cost saving of 70-80% compared to current systems and have a whole host of features that benefit both installers and end users.

Display Options

The TOCSIN 750 is fitted with a colour touchscreen display. This provides a user-friendly experience and allows for an in-depth visual of the status of the gas detection system. The touchscreen displays each detector/node or device connected to the gas detection system. These are displayed as bar graphs that show current gas levels and alarm thresholds. Tapping each channel provides further information about that detector/node or device. The touchscreen also displays the sensor “tag lines”, which allows you to customise the name of each connected sensor/device such as its location. For example, “oxygen sensor in liquid Dewar room”.

The TOCSIN 650 Series control panel is fitted with a 2 X 8 RGB colour change display and jog wheel. The robust 2 X 8 display is primarily used in areas with high traffic or heavy machinery, such as plant rooms and process areas. The TOCSIN 650 supplies an economical solution without sacrificing system capability. In addition, the 2 X 8 display offers limited access to the gas detection system.

Can’t choose between our display options? You can install a 7” colour touch-screen display up to 1 kilometre away from the main TOCSIN 650 series control panel and have full control of the gas detection system from either display.

Service and Report Apps

We have a range of Apps that allow you to not only service the systems but also download system reports. This makes service easier and less time consuming but also ensures that the system has been serviced correctly as a report can be downloaded from the 750/650 gas detection system. The apps are platform independent.

TOCSIN 750 and 650 series control panels allow for third party system integration and remote monitoring. In our digital age ‘information is key’. Our systems enable users to remotely monitor the information and data from the gas detection system. You can utilise a 15” touch-screen ‘human machine interface [HMI] to remotely display information. In addition, you can utilise International Gas Detectors ‘Cloud Based Data Acquisition’ solutions to view the gas detection information on any device, anywhere.

Other ways to remotely monitor the gas detection system is through a Resource Data Manager [RDM]. Another alternative is a Global System for Mobile Communications [GSM]. GSM sends email and text notifications to dedicated mobile numbers and email addresses with alarm and fault notifications. Our gas detection systems allow integration of third party systems such as Building Management Systems [BMS] and Fire Systems.

Versatile and Expandable

TOCSIN 750 and 650 series gas detection systems are the most versatile and expandable systems on the market.  Both control panel option allow for up to 128 detector/nodes over four highways. In total the systems can incorporate a maximum of 350 connected devices. Each highway uses a single 2-Core cable and detector/nodes are daisy chained together. Each highway can be run up to 1 kilometre and up to 3 kilometres with the addition of boosters. With the 750 and 650 series controllers you’ll never pay for additional capacity each controller option come with 4 highways as standard.

Sentinel+ Addressable Communication

The 750/650 addressable gas detection system utilises our groundbreaking Sentinel+ communication protocol. Packed with features Sentinel +™ 2-Wire technology is an advanced digitally communicating gas detection protocol from International Gas Detectors. The system provides fast, efficient and error free performance specifically designed to meet the unique requirements posed by gas hazards. Sentinel+ continuously monitors both detector and cable health/integrity with less than a second communication time. This ensures that you have a fast and reliable gas safety system. The system provides ultimate flexibility to link your gas detection system to provide alarms, interface to plant shut down hardware and communicate clearly with Building Management Systems [BMS] and similar systems. 2-Core cabling for both power and communication with no polarity requirement means cabling is minimised, reducing system costs with no compromise.

Download the Datasheet (PDF)