Elevate Safety with Specialized Gas Detection Services

At IMA, we recognize the critical significance of safeguarding gas detection systems. Much like fire safety protocols, regular servicing, calibration, and maintenance are pivotal. Our seasoned engineers evaluate your unique environment to establish an optimal calibration and upkeep cadence. Any necessary fine-tuning will be recommended to ensure strict adherence to industry norms and regulations, which include:

– BS EN 60079-29-2:2015
– Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)
– BS EN 60079-17-2014
– BS EN 378
– DSEAR Regulations 2002

Top-Tier Instrumentation, Curated from Industry Pioneers

We take pride in furnishing you with best-in-class instrumentation sourced directly from industry pioneers. Your safety is our foremost concern, and we steadfastly uphold our promise of excellence.

Precision Enhanced through Traceable Calibration

We extend traceable calibration services, providing exhaustive system calibration data and in-depth service summaries. These detailed reports emanate directly from our gas detection control panels, offering a crystal-clear account of alarm thresholds and the specific traceable calibration gas employed during the service visit.

Comprehensive Service Spectrum

In addition to our cutting-edge intelligent systems, we are equipped to service a diverse spectrum of gas detection systems and portable units. Upholding plant and personnel safety, curbing downtime, and optimizing efficiency are pivotal objectives across industries.

Pioneering Safety Services

We transcend conventional offerings with pioneering solutions such as predictive maintenance, data analytics, and remote services. These progressive approaches empower us to proactively pinpoint potential issues, fine-tune equipment performance, and deliver budget-friendly solutions.

By selecting IMA, you unlock the advantage of avant-garde solutions that amplify safety measures, augment operational efficiency, and conserve invaluable time and resources. We are committed to delivering comprehensive and steadfast services that not only cater to your immediate requirements but also contribute to your enduring success in maintaining a secure working environment.

Reach out today to schedule your gas detection servicing with IMA Limited.