Phymetrix manufactures innovative products for Trace Moisture Measurement, which includes a comprehensive line of fast, accurate, lightweight handheld portable dew point meters and bench top moisture analysers. Our bench top dewpoint meters are the only analysers with a built-in vacuum pump to allow sampling from low-pressure sampling sources.

Phymetrix analysers unique features make them the most preferred instrument for measuring dewpoint in SF6 gases. The rugged, waterproof enclosures of the portable analysers combined with the Phymetrix proprietary leading edge nanopore sensor technology make the Phymetrix dewpoint analysers optimal for measuring moisture in Natural gas.

Phymetrix Moisture Sample Systems provide better accuracy and reliability, easy field calibration, ease of service & maintenance, longer sensor life, quality assurance and built to API Recommended Practice 555.

At IMA we can provide a wide range of bespoke sample conditioning systems and local indication.