TOC-750S Sampling Gas Detector

The TOCSIN 750S aspirated gas detector is an addressable aspirated gas detector which allows you to provide gas detection in areas otherwise difficult to access or harsh to normal diffusion sensors. Featuring our unique piezo pump technology, our aspirated gas detectors have virtually no moving parts and virtually silent operation. Reducing maintenance requirements and providing near continuous gas detection up to 20M away.


Our 750S aspirated gas detector utilises our ground-breaking Sentinel+ addressable communication protocol. Gas sampling systems are used for areas where remote detection is required. Examples would  be, hard to access areas, clean rooms, extreme temperatures, bore holes or height restrictions.

Piezo Pump Technology

The TOC-750S aspirated gas detector incorporates our piezo pump technology. Providing the samplers with virtually no moving parts, no valves or pump seals. Increasing its reliability and reducing upkeep costs.

Auto Zero Function

The TOC-750S aspirated gas detector features our industry first auto zero or auto calibrate feature. The 750 samplers zero port is provided with active filtration and the system will automatically, periodically zero or in the case of Oxygen detection calibrate itself. This provides unparalleled zero stable for the sensor, allowing you to have low alarm levels compared to the sensor range. For example, in the case of ammonia, we can provide detection of 0-1000ppm but with alarms at 25ppm, 35ppm and 500ppm to be compliant to both exposure monitoring and EN378 plant shutdown.

Sentinel+ Technology – 2-Wire Addressable Technology:

As with all our 2-Wire Addressable detectors, the TOC-750S aspirated gas detectors utilise our ground-breaking and industry leading Sentinel+ technology. All detectors are connected via a daisy-chained 2-core cable, drastically reducing installation costs by 70-80%. Since the cable has no polarity requirement, installation is much faster than conventional systems. Our Sentinel+ technology provides power and communication to all connected devices using just this two-core cable. The system also provides a whole host of reporting features. Each sensor reports back in real time digital values, providing enhanced safety by continual self-monitoring. To learn more about our 2-Wire Addressable technology, read our article here.

Download the Datasheet (PDF)