TOC-903-X5 Dual Gas Detector Transmitter

The World’s Most Versatile Gas Detector Transmitter

Our TOC-903-X5 Gas Detector Transmitter is a standalone detector approved for zone 1 and 2 ATEX environments. The TOC-903-X5 gas detector transmitter offers dual gas sensing capability in one housing, enabling easy and compact gas detection of 2 gases from a range of 400 in one smart transmitter. Featuring non-intrusive, one-person calibration, analogue, relay or addressable communication and 5 port housing. Making it the detectably better choice for both installers and customers.


The 903-X5 gas detector transmitter is extremely easy to navigate. With a digital display presenting the concentration, alarms, and fault status and easy-to-use buttons, the 903-X5 can provide you all of your vital information straight from the digital detector head. The 903-X5 can also be fitted with all IGD accessories, ensuring your gas detector is suited for fitting in any environment with all the essential accessories.

The Most Versatile Gas Detector Transmitter on the Market

This gas detector transmitter is available in ATEX and IECEx housing, approved to zones 1 and 2 for explosive hazards as well as zones 21 and 22 for dust hazards. It comes equipped with 2x analogue outputs, 1x 2-Wire addressable output, and 3x relay outputs all on one detector. Thus allowing it to be standalone or part of a wider addressable network, making it perfect for any environment. The TOC-903-X5 gas detector transmitter is equipped with a 5-port housing allowing easy access for installation. With IGD’s software design you can also have two directly connected digital gas detectors including: catalytic, PID, Electrochemical, IR, Ionic and Semiconductor. With our vast range of sensor options for over 400 different gases and non-intrusive, one-man calibration capability, the TOC-903-X5 is unequivocally the most flexible gas detector transmitter on the market.

One-Person Calibration – Non-Intrusive Display

When servicing and setting the detector up there is no requirement for a hot works permit, as the system utilises our magnetic wand technology. This allows you to calibrate, commission and integrate the sensors straight from the gas detector transmitter without a hot works permit. This reduces time onsite for calibration visits and makes it safer in potentially explosive environments.

Dual Detector Capability – 5 Port Housing

Our TOC-903-X5 is housed in our new 5-port ATEX housing design. This allows you to easily install the detector and connect to third-party systems with easily accessible wiring ports. In addition, the 903-X5 has 3x relay outputs allowing you to locally control ancillary devices further reducing installation time and cost.

Finally, the TOC-903-X5 allows you to connect up to two IGD digital gas detectors, allowing for any combination of sensor types. Our smart plug-and-play sensors coupled with the TOC-903-X5 gas detector transmitter means the transmitter will auto detect the new sensors and provide an automatic setup. This drastically reduces time spent on site and reduces human error on commission and replacement sensors.

Colour Change Display – At a Glance System Status

Our bright LED display provides users with at-a-glance system status and live gas readings. With a simple colour-coded alarm for Green (normal status), Red (alarm activation) and Orange (fault) indications, this ensures personnel working in the area are informed straight away on the current gas status.

World Leading 2-Wire Addressable Technology

All of these unique features are available on IGD’s leading 2-Wire addressable technology, reducing cabling requirements and thus saving clients 70-80% upon installation. Our 2-Wire technology also allows your gas detector transmitter to communicate digitally, thus massively increasing reliability and integrity. With only two wires for power and communication existing systems can be easily upgraded, using their original cabling, with the option to easily add more detectors and devices required. If this is not for you there is no need to worry, as our TOC-903-X5 gas detector transmitter is available in a classic analogue format. Thus, is suited for any system requirements.

Detectably Better Product, Service and Support

The TOC-903-X5 gas detector transmitter updates itself when detectors are fitted for gas type, range, measurement type, and alarm levels. No need to spend time setting the unit up, TOC-903-X5 does this for you. Each IGD sensor is created with our industry-leading long life technology, ensuring your gas detector will operate reliably for a long period of time. When you install an IGD 903-X5 gas detector transmitter, you are maximising safety and minimising ongoing costs using IGD’s extended sensor life. All of this is supported by IGDs 10-year warranty* on electronics, certifying that your gas detector transmitter will operate effectively and for a long life. Our systems are also supported by the IGD aftercare team, for high-quality maintenance on your gas detection system from the experts in gas detection.

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