750 ATEX Addressable Gas Detector

TOC-750X Series gas detectors are both ATEX and IECEx approved for use in potentially flammable atmospheres. TOC-750X uses IGD’s Sentinel+™ addressable technology, specifically designed for gas detection, fast, secure digital communication. TOC-750X is a versatile addressable ATEX/IECEX gas detector, with sensor options for over 300 gases. Gas types include toxics, flammables, VOC’s and oxygen monitoring. Our TOC-750X incorporates our industry leading long-life sensor technology, reducing cost of ownership.  Sentinel+™ addressable technology reduces installation time and costs utilising our unique to 2-Wire Addressable technology. Power and communication over the same cable pair with no required polarity speeds installation. TOC-750X ATEX gas detectors are the most versatile and advanced ATEX/IECEx sensor on the market today.


TOC-750X Series ATEX/IECEx gas detectors are approved to EN 60079 series flameproof EXd standards. Easily serviced detectors are manufactured using 316 corrosion resistant stainless steel. Both non-intrusive display and non-display versions are available with housings either in high pressure copper free white powder coated aluminium alloy or 316 stainless steel. EXd Certifications include gas and dust approvals for ATEX and IECEx.


TOC-750X is one of the most versatile detectors on the market. The system has sensor options for over 300 gases and vapours including: flammables, toxic’s, VOC’s and oxygen monitoring. Our sensor designs ensure we have the longest life sensors the market has to offer. Each sensor is equipped with on board I/O to ensure maximum flexibility when it comes to designing a gas detection system. In addition to this the 750X comes in two variants, with and without display options and non-intrusive calibration.

Explosion Proof

TOC-750X has been tested to be used in Zone 1 and 2 environments and zone 21 and 22 ATEX/IECEx dust environments.  Approvals include both ATEX and International IECEx Standards. This allows our TOC-750X addressable gas detectors to be used in ATEX or IECEx zoned applications. Examples could include, petrochemical sites, onshore/offshore gas and oil drilling platforms, spray booths, coating and flour production and many more.

Weather Proof 

TOC-750X Series gas detectors have been designed to be used in some of the harshest environments. The housing and sensor are rated to IP65. This allows the sensor to be placed in outside environments, extreme temperatures, and places subject to wash-down regimes such as breweries.

Sentinel+ Addressable communication

Using our Sentinel+ ™ 2-Wire protocol, the 750 series gas detectors combine power and communication over a single 2-Core cable with no polarity requirement. By doing this installation times and costs are drastically reduced. Cabling costs alone can be reduced by as much as 70% compared to older analogue systems. Fewer terminations to make, less points of unreliability, faster to deploy. Sentinel+™ based systems improve reliability by continuously monitoring data between connected detectors and the system controller. Thus, ensuring maximum system integrity and availability. With only two wires for power and communication existing systems can be easily upgraded, using their original cabling, with the option to easily add more detectors and devices as required.

Download the Datasheet (PDF)