Hawker Electronics manufacture products for level control and indication in liquids and free flowing powders.

At IMA we can utilise Hawker Electronics level instrumentation and control systems to design on / off level control primarily for bunds, sumps, and interceptors.


Aqueous solutions such as water, sewage, most acids, milk, beer etc.

  • Dual electrode operation for control between two levels.
  • Single electrode operation for alarms
  • Very accurate – relay switches at the exact tip of the probe.
  • Easily set up and very stable.
  • Fail safe switch.


Controls between 2 levels, High level Alarm, Low level Alarm, Borehole level control.

  • Adjustable sensitivity and close switching differential to ignore electrode fouling and save power.
  • ATEX approved (hazardous area) level controller.
  • A.C. current at probes to prevent electrolysis.
  • Wide range of hardware available for easy site operations.

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