Clarity on Liquid Carryover

Glycol carryover and wet gas are causing significant operational losses for both Gas Processors and Transmission System Operators. This game-changing technology is revealing that many process engineers are being misled by traditional gas analyzers and allowing NGLs to be exported that are not included in BTU calculations.

Allowing liquids into dry gas pipelines also causes extra maintenance tasks, safety and compliance problems. LineVu provides operators with real-time video streaming and alarms, revolutionizing how process engineers monitor and optimize operations. In an industry plagued by liquid carryover, LineVu offers clarity and enables quick evidence-based decisions to be taken when liquid carryover becomes a

Lowers Operational Costs and Mitigates Risk

Real-time visibility of process conditions is a new metric to help improve gas treatment plant efficiency. Getting better control of liquid carryover events allows Transmission System Operators to reduce compressor servicing and pigging costs while extending asset life.

Protecting People and Infrastructure

Liquids entering compressors, valves and regulators can significantly decrease asset life, cause increases in maintenance costs and catastrophic failures. LineVu can be used to stop liquid carryover from entering pipelines. With LineVu, you have peace of mind knowing that process failures and potential hazards are swiftly identified and mitigated, ensuring the well- being of your personnel and the integrity of your infrastructure.

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