TLG-837 Tail Gas/Air Demand Analyzer


The world’s safest tail gas analyser. TLG-837 continuously measures the concentrations of H2S, SO2, COS, and CS2 in the Claus process tail gas stream. Using the patented in situ DEMISTER sampling probe and a full-spectrum UV-Vis spectrophotometer, this system provides extremely fast, accurate response for tight process control.

  • Continuously measures concentrations of H2S and SO2 and outputs Air Demand signal (user-defined formula)
  • Patented DEMISTER sampling probe with internal sulfur vapor removal
  • Totally solid state with no moving parts, sample lines, or heat tracing — modern design for low maintenance
  • Ultra-safe fiber optic design — no toxic/explosive sample gas in analyser enclosure
  • Superior Off-Ratio range ( 100:1 < H2S/SO2 ratio < 1:20 )

Download the Datasheet (PDF)