Advanced hydrocarbon dew point measurement system.


advanced IR technology
self cleaning
works at line pressure

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The HCD5000™ hydrocarbon dewpoint analyzer is the most advanced dew point measurement system available.

It has an accuracy of ±0.5 °C (±0.9 °F), distinguishes between hydrocarbon and water dew points and provides highly accurate measurements. It is based on CEIRS™ (Chilled Evanescent Infrared Spectroscopy), a patented method.
CEIRS™ is a spectroscopic approach that determines the dew point, while unambiguously determining whether it is water or hydrocarbon dew point.
The HCD5000™ is immune to contamination. It is designed for remote operation at line pressure up to 130 bar. It provides 4 analog outputs as well as 3 digital alarms, and serial communications. The HCD5000™ has unprecedented accuracy and repeatability.

• Direct, First Principle Measurement
• Highly Reliable
• No Consumables
• Self Cleaning
• Immune to Most Contaminants