Measure water and hydrocarbon dew point simultaneously

DewPoint Duo

simultaneous measurement of water and hydrocarbon dew point
immune to all contaminants
low maintenance

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The DewPoint Duo™ water and hydrocarbon dew point analyser is the most advanced dew point measurement system available, capable of measuring both dew points simultaneously.

The Zegaz products are the only analysers in the world that use CEIRS™, a spectroscopic approach that determines the dew point, while unambiguously determining whether it was water or hydrocarbon dew point. It has an accuracy of ±0.5 °C (±0.9 °F), distinguishes between hydrocarbon and water dew points and provides highly accurate, measurements.

The patented CEIRS™ method (Chilled Evanescent Infrared Spectroscopy) uses advanced infrared technology. It is immune to contamination. Designed for remote operation at line pressure up to 2000 psi, it provides 4 analogue outputs as well as 3 digital alarms, and serial communications.