Two channel rh and temperature unit with data logging


up to 2 HC2 probes
internal data logging
all psychrometric humidity scales

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Portable humidity and temperature measurement with data logging.

This handheld instrument can be used in combination with up to two HygroClip HC2 probes, using AirChip technology to offer outstanding accuracy and repeatability performance. The range of HC2 probes and the ability to calculate humidity in a variety of different scales (see below) allows the HygroPalm23-A (HP23-A) to monitor both inlet and outlet variables to a process.

Quick spot checks of processes or controlled areas can be made to ensure humidity and temperature requirements are within acceptable limits. The data logging facility allows a time and date stamped record to be stored of the measured data.

This portable unit can be used to decrease measurement costs by using a single instrument to monitor several locations when permanent monitoring is either not required or can not be justified.

The HP23-A also includes all the features of the HygroPalm22-A and can also be used to cross-check permanently installed systems.

The HP23-A calculates humidity in a choice of humidity scales:

  • Relative humidity in %
  • Temperature in °C or °F
  • Absolute humidity in Kg/m3
  • Dew point/frost point in °C or °F
  • Wet-bulb temperature in °C
  • Enthalpy in KJ/Kg
  • Specific humidity in g/Kg
  • Vapour concentration in g/m3
  • Mixing ratio in g/Kg
  • Saturation vapour pressure in hPa
  • Partial water vapour pressure in hPa
  • Water vapour saturation pressure in hPa
  • Water vapour partial pressure

For further information about humidity measurement and hygrometry issues, please visit our Masterclass section.



Relative humidity and temperature

Measurement principle

Rotrincs rh probe and Pt100

Measuring range with interchangeable probe

0 to 100 %rh and up to -50 to 200 °C

Number of probe inputs


Probe type

Hygroclip 2 (HC2) or analogue

Max. probe cable length

5 m

Probe Initialisation time

Typically <2 sec (HC2 Probes)


Airchip 3000 <0.02%rh and 0.01K (HC2 Probes)

Response time t 63

Probe dependent

Accuracy at 23 ±5 °C

Probe dependent

Operational temp. and humidity range (instrument)

 0 to 100 % rh and -10 to 60 °C

Long term stability

<1 %rh / year

Allowed flow rate

Probe dependent

Probe diagnostics (drift,state)

Programmable, default:off

Display and Communications

Display type

Backlit graphical LCD to 3 decimal places (configurable)

Psychrometric calculations

dew point, wet-bulb temperature, mixing ratio, enthalpy, water vapour content, water vapour density

Alarm Indicator


Real-time clock

Yes, with battery back up

Battery indicator

Yes, status indicator

Trend indicator


Measurement interval

Typically 1 sec without calculations

Start-up time

Typically <3 Seconds

Data logging

20,000 data point (2 x 10,000 data pairs)

Event logging

System related events (FDA, GAMP)

PC interface

Via interface cable and HW4 software

Calibration Adjustment

Probe adjustment by keypad

1 point or multipoint

Probe adjustment by software

from humidity/ temperature from dew point reference. temperature 2 point, humidity up to 100 points

Firmware update

With internet or HW4 software

User information

from Software HW4 (device manager)

Data processing via HW4


Device protection via password


Sensor diagnostics (drift, state)

Programmable; factory default - Off

Max. cable length service cable

5 m

Firmware update

Via HW4 software and service cable



CE Compliant, 2007/108/EG

IP protection rating


Fire protection class

Complies UL94-HB

Audit trail and electronic records

 FDA 21 CFR Part 11 & GAMP compliant


Shipping weight

300 g



196H (without probe) 268H (with stanard probe)x 72W x 35D mm


Housing: ABS



9 V battery or power supply

Power consumption

Typically 10 mA consumption with back light off

Power for third party probes

Yes, battery voltage



Mini USB

All specifications subject to change




 Portable humidity and temperature instrument set

Handheld Instrument Set



 UBS cable AC0003

USB cable


Standard USB A to Mini USB cable, 1.8 m


Extension Cable


black, 2 m


Service Cable


Mini USB / 7-pin connector

Desk top stand for HygroPalm22 DESK-HP 

Desktop stand for handheld instruments


Humidity standard for calibration   

Humidity standards

for 10 %rh, 35 %rh, 80 %rh