PC-based humidity and temperature monitoring package

HygroWin USB Probe

simple connection to pc/laptop
USB connection
HW4 software included

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This USB probe is easy to use and allows relative humidity and temperature data to be logged on a laptop or PC.

Perfect for monitoring an office environment or humidity critical atmospheres e.g. paper storage, air conditioning systems or printing workshops. When connected to the HW4 software (included) the HygroWin USB probe is a powerful logging system in many different humidity scales.


HW4 Screen shot



Humidity and temperature

Firmware upgrade

Via HW4 software

rh measurement

0 to 100 %RH

RH accuracy at 23 °C

±2.0 %RH

Temperature range

-40 to 85 °C

Temp. accuracy at 23°C

±0.3 K


Probe Dimension

Probe diameter

15 mm

Probe length

110 mm

Cable length

3 m


Electrical connections


Power supply

 Via USB



Connects using HW4 software