What is hygrometry?

Hygrometry refers to the branch of physics that is concerned with the measurement of humidity in air and other gases. It is a wide subject that includes a number of techniques for dew point and humidity measurement. IMA have been supplying a wide variety of hygrometers tailored to suit a number of applications since 1991, from high grade reference standard instruments to trend indication. We cover a wide humidity range from high purity semi-conductor gases with ppb levels of H2O, to the high temperature exhaust gases from a drying process with extremely high percentage moisture. 

We have many years' experience and have seen the good and the bad instruments, and good and bad installations. Having a dew point meter that tells you everything is OK when it isn't gives a false sense of security, and is worse than not having a dew point meter. Using the benefit of our experience lowers the measurement risk for our customers.

The resources here can help, and then give us a call to discuss your application.

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