Dew Point Measurement

Dew point and humidity.

Dew point measurement, and moisture measurement, is a key parameter for many industrial processes. However, it is an industry that, until recently could not agree on the spelling. Some parts of the world used dewpoint (one word), others used dew-point (hyphenated). It seems that the consensus of opinion now is that it should be two words "dew point". 

Having the wrong level of water vapour during a production process can lead to low quality products and affect product strength, appearance, taste and many other aspects of product quality. Poor measurement and control can result in higher operating costs and greater wastage or re-work. Large amounts of energy are required to remove excess water from products. In fact, industrial drying systems consume more energy than any other process. Shaving a small percentage off energy costs by better measurement systems can reduce operating costs and increase profits. 

The measurement of dew point is easy to get wrong, and IMA have worked hard over many years to gain its reputation to supply and maintain accurate measurement systems.  As a world leader in dew point measurement, we can offer the widest range of dew point and moisture measurement equipment available, and so can recommend the best measurement system for your application. 

In addition to white papers, videos and datasheets you can find technical bulletins to explain hygrometry.  Why does dew point change with pressure? Check out our technical bulletin to find out. 

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